3 Game Ideas

An outline of the 3 ideas I currently have.

  • All my ideas use the same mechanic of healing with colour
  • All are team based to some degree
  • All are designed based of the theme of no control – With players having control over other people’s health – Creating stress and a cooperative experience



Idea 1 – cooperative healing

  • Players work as a team – Multiple player
  • Heal each other with colours
  • The boss attacks them and whatever colour the bosses attack is the colour they turn
  • Match colour of healing to the player that needs to be healed.
  • Colours are randomly associated with players.
  • Series of boss levels





idea 2 – Team PVP

  • Multiplayer game with 2 separate teams of 2.
  • The teams are battling against each other.
  • There are coloured objects in the world, that relate to the health of each player.
  • Each team is trying to suck out the colour from their rivals health objects to defeat them
  • Though each team still has to defend their health blocks
  • Players can only heal/ put health back into their team mates colour and not their own – Making them in control of the life of death of their character.



Idea 3 – Physical game

  • Colours on the floor – sensors for each colour
  • Lights in front of the coloured floor, which relates to the health of each player
  • Health will randomly change colour and lower – There is a time limit to heal the player
  • Players must run to the colour of the lowering health and stand their for a certain amount of time until the health goes back up
  • Players will have sensors on their feet and so they can’t stand on their colour otherwise their health will reduce even greater.
  • Once the health lights go out then that player is out.