3rd Starting Point: Dreams


Moving onto my 3rd area of interest, ‘Dream’ (selected from the Good Start Bad Start workshop), I started off my looking into the definition of the word as well as synonyms for it. Helping me to immediately look at the word in a different way by giving a range of ways I could interpret the word including

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Visual Mind Map

Below is a scan of my visual mind map I created for the theme, using the words as the starting point I branched out my ideas, representing them in a visual form, to help bring up possible imagery which is of inspiration or sparks a connection of another topic to research into. Overall helping to branch out my thoughts quickly and effectively.




Currently nothing is standing out as an area that I’m intrigued by and want to research further. I think this is due to the research still being in the early stages and for me needing to branch out the research areas even more to build up my research options, in order to start refining down what I will search into. Therefore I plan to continue broadening out my research by collecting imagery on Pinterest and Flickr and using the tags or related images to start moving further away from the initial theme, to gain exciting and unique research points.