Game Idea 3 – Development

Having a blast from prototyping the third game idea and gaining a lot of useful feedback, I felt it would be beneficial to try to find design pieces that have a similiar concept, look, interaction etc as to my idea. To help me visualise and explain how my physical game idea could develop when I present on Friday.



Interactive Design

  • Movement of the player could change the colours or the position of the colours on the floor.



  • Could use projectors as sensors – Don’t need to hard code lights to sense




  • Maybe there’s a game on the floor? – Have to avoid the ships and heal people


  • Maybe lights and colours are on the ceiling not the floor – Think of different places the light could go




  • Look and feel of the game

  • The buzzers could look like the large balls in from this Pinterest piece – As suggested in my feedback from the prototyoe
  • Different sized balls
  • Lots of colour
  • Work best at night and outside
  • Projections