Locations – Dimensions

Selecting a new card for the next focus point of this phase, I selected location as the next theme.


When looking over the Pinterst board I made for the shape section, I discovered the image below to be of interest. I was drawn to it because I felt the different coloured paintings represented a different location that someone would use to travel to that place, creating this sense of multi dimensions and pathways through colour.

It sparked many ideas such the image being a menu screen and players being able to travel through each painting to a different coloured location and would also have a different emotional feel to it relating to the colour.

So it is clear to me that I want to research further into colours at different dimensions or locations that contain colour as well as emotion to them.


“Another fabled race, the Horduon. They where though to be their own species, much the same as the time keepers, a creature who could bend the laws of inter-dimensional travel. With a flick of thought, they could open a vortex to most any dimension. They where few and sparsely scattered, but they always came back to the halls of Cobiren, and the hall of doors.’



Being excited by the possibilities from the artwork above, I decided to form my own responses to it exploring how this menu/ base world would look. I felt the image was within a dome shape and try to translate into my own work, crafting different types of buildings and objects that have colour around them in a domed shape.

All useful in helping me to build upon my visual research and start exploring starting concepts for games.

Refer to Sketchbook 2

img581 img582


  • I don’t believe the drawings are particularly well drawn and are very rough but I think they do show initial concepts and experimentation.
  • I particularly like the idea of having shards of coloured glass portals coming out of the ground forming an open dome shape, because having an open and non uniform structure creates and nature and organic feel to the design. I find this to be interesting as it creates this idea that this naturally grew in the environment and so it brings up questions of what world would this grow naturally and gets me excited thinking about the possibility of design a whole new world for my game.


Moving forward with the idea of dimensions, as well as my previous plan to continue looking into 3D colour mapping as explained within my recent reflection, I discovered the Munsell colour system.




Diagrams of the Munsell Color System


  • With this being the locations section of the research, I’m starting to see the colour system as not just a map anymore but worlds. Each ball in the structural diagram makes me think of a planet and so the whole world is created out of these set of coloured planets that all orbit the central white/ black tunnel in the centre.
  • How do players travel between the planets?
  • Can players explore the universe freely?
  • What would be the aim? – To collect all the colours in the world or to travel to the centre
  • I feel a whole narrative could be created out of this world and there is certain lots more to explore with it.



I combined the structure of the Munsell colour system with the image below, which I found in my shape research, though an image which I imagined being a set of platforms within a world.

I produced a set of drawings from combining the two pieces of imagery which I feel could be the basis of a world or character designs.

I tried to capture the layering of circular shapes which gradually reduced in size, which was of interest within the artwork below. But also trying to capture the colour and tonal changes within the Munsell system through the colours and tones I used.




Key points
  • A world made up of separate colourful and emotional locations which a player can travel through coloured portals to get to.
  • Using the structure and position of colours within the Munsell colour system to form a world, a colour world.
  • A game world created out of layered platforms that gradually change in tone or colour – Colour Gradient



  • Highlighting the key points of interest that came from this research and responds I plan to research those areas in more detail, particualrly looking into:
  • Emotional locations – What would locations with different emotions look like? Locations specific to certain emotions
  • Colourful locations – What colourful locations are there in the world? What do they look like? What colours do they have in them? Could they inspire the location of a game?
  • 3D Mapping Systems – I wish to find more 3D colour systems to discover if there are different ways of mapping colour and so different worlds can be designed from them – More diagrams to help me better understand the structure of the systems – Overall just more knowledge about their structure, why they are used and explore these within world designs.